Arbitration & Dispute Resolution

Arbitration and dispute resolution is a valuable tool offered at the National Law Chambers of JPT.  This area of practice is increasingly important to parties considering legal counsel.  Here at JPT we use our advance knowledge and experience in arbitration and dispute resolution to evaluate specific cases and determine if such services are necessary.  When dealing with arbitration and dispute resolution it is important to acknowledge that both parties involved have different rights than they do in litigation.  Our staff at JPT has extensive experience in litigation and arbitration matters.  This enables us to effectively select the best way to represent you.  The law firm of JPT is recognized as a leader in providing arbitration and mediation services to its clients and to other lawyers in certain circumstances.  The founder and senior attorney, Julius P. Terrell, is regularly appointed by the court as an arbitrator in a variety of cases as well as hired privately.  At JPT, we strive to architect efficient results that display fairness and honesty.  These qualities are paramount of a neutral party. Due to our experience and equitableness, JPT, is a premier firm in providing effective arbitration and dispute resolution services.  

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