Contract Drafting and Negotiation

The terms and conditions of a contract provide pertinent legal material between both parties.  Identifying services to be provided, delivery of services and the accountability of both parties involved are vital in any business accord. The National Law Chambers of JPT, effectively and meticulously draft as well as review contracts.  Additionally, our services include mediating in a negotiation on the behalf of our clients and providing alternative and supplementary language to proposed contracts. 

The stellar staff at JPT utilizes their legal and financial experience when determining the best possible strategy for protecting our client’s assets.  Business transactions are not always as smooth as anticipated and unexpected disagreements between partners and illegal activity can arise.  At JPT, we limit our client’s exposure to liabilities by being prepared for the unexpected.  Through our effective techniques we not only limit liability, but we can also strengthen your business and negotiating position.  We encourage inquiries regarding our contract drafting and negotiating and we look forward to providing you effective counsel.      

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