Government Relations

Governmental affairs is a large and complicated arena.  JPT's staff unites the legal and governmental disciplines, supplying our clients with the highest level of representation.  Our in depth knowledge of how the government operates and our commitment to our clients, distinguishes JPT from other firms.   Our firm is located in DC, placing us in the heart of the political world.  With the resources of the political world readily at our dispense, we are able to attain success for our clients in the legislative and political processes. We represent targeted industries including government contracts, legislative drafting, issue campaign and political advocacy.          

With government contracting we serve the needs of our clients in all industries providing business with the federal and local government through prime contracts, government bids, subcontracts, cooperative agreements and providing assistance in resolving contracting controversies.  Our government contracts team does business with government agencies and organizations at all levels providing experienced work for our clients.  In addition our senior lawyer, Julius Terrell, has substantial experience in various governmental affairs including bankruptcy, communications, real estate, labor and employment.  We encourage all inquiries regarding our governmental affairs and we look forward to proving you effective counsel.

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