Family Law

Our firm assists clients in all aspects of Family Law including:  

  • Divorce  / Matrimonial Law
  • Child Custody and Visitation Schedules 
  • Alimony 
  • Domestic Violence Restraining Orders 
  • Modification of Child Support 
  • Prenuptial Agreements 
  • Mediation 
  • Adoption 

Also known as Dissolution of Marriage, every divorce proceeding is unique. We handle straightforward uncomplicated divorces and complex marital dissolutions. A divorce can involve:

  • Alimony
  • Division of property
  • Complex business evaluation
  • Mutual funds, stocks and securities distribution
  • Evaluation of assets
  • Debt management 

We can be trusted to negotiate an equitable distribution of debt and assets.
Child Custody
The breakup of a marriage is more traumatic for the children than for the parents. Thus, parents should exercise great care to minimize the emotional toll on children when a separation takes place.  When parents separate, decisions regarding the custody and support of the child must be made. If the parents are not able to resolve these issues, the decision will be left to the court.  When deciding issues regarding child custody, the courts will consider a number of factors including the preference of the child, the mental and physical health of the parents, the relationship between the child, the parents and siblings.
We understand the impact that divorce and parental separation has on children and work hard to negotiate effective custody arrangements in the best interest of your children.  We help families establish custody agreements that recognize and respond to all family relationships. We handle custody matters involving parent’s rights, visitation agreements, and temporary custody and visitation.  A shared parenting agreement is often the best solution to a custody dispute.  The alternative is an adversarial divorce litigation over custody which all too often results in emotional trauma for all parties and in particular, the children.
While adopting a child can be an immensely rewarding experience, it is often accompanied by a host of legal and bureaucratic complexities.  Those who approach the process with the aid of a knowledgeable attorney find that they are relieved of much of the delays, frustration and expense it often entails.
The essential requirement for adoptive parents is that they accept adoption as being absolutely irreversible.   Domestic adoptions are not subject to widespread legal challenges, but it is not impossible for birth parents or birth relatives to initiate proceedings to revoke an adoption.

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